Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is anyone there?

Nastacia is using an olden day telephone at the Waipawa Settler's Museum. "We have cell phones now and they fit in your pocket," said Nastacia. We wondered how they used to phone different people, because we couldn't see any buttons to push. Lucky we were in the right place to ask questions and find out the answers to our questions.


  1. Hello Room k2!! I have just joined your blog page, I love seeing what your class has been up too! So how did they ring other people with no numbers ??

  2. Hi Room K2
    I loved seeing these phones at the museum. I remember my parents having a phone like this in their house when I was about your age.
    From Mrs B

  3. I love those old phones. My Gran and Grandpa used to have one. What were the answers you found out? Can you still use the olden day phones? Do they work today? I love seeing your work on here Room k2. I am at Frimley School in Hastings. It is fun sharing all your work with other children and people to see what you up to. I look forward to seeing some more work on here soon.
    Mrs Allen